If There Is A Guard Above – Album Download


A collection of 11 songs recorded in January, 2019 by Karl Blau entitled “If There Is A Guard Above.”


Digital Release of of full-length album “If There Is A Guard Above)

“If There Is A Guard Above” written mostly in the Fall of 2018 and recorded in January 2019 is a collection of 11 songs by songwriter/recordist Karl Blau.

  1.  One New Spark
  2. I’m Takin Up Dominos
  3. Cream and Bees
  4. The Sand
  5. Grey Area
  6. Gone With The Wind
  7. The Wedge
  8. Two Friends At The Precipice
  9. Where It Comes Apart
  10. If There is A Guard Above (I Hope She’s Lookin’ For The Love)
  11. To Beat This Thing